Choosing the right Kindergarten is big decision for any family. Whether you started your child’s preschool journey at SPK or not, finding the right environment for your 5 year old to thrive is extremely important. Proudly, our Kindergarten program is a smaller one where our teacher, Kristi Meeuwse, is a graduate of Clemson University, has her doctorate in education leadership, and has taught kindergarten for 27 years. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator and the class has an iPad for each student to use as a powerful learning tool. With assistant Ken Carrington, the ratio of children to adults easily allows for individual and small group instruction.

Our curriculum is on par with Charleston County Schools, and we implement above standard reading, writing, and math practices. This is a full day program packed with fun learning activities, lunch bunch, and an afternoon second circle. We pride ourselves in building confidence in each student academically and emotionally, so that he or she can be fully prepared to take the next step to elementary school.